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With all our boundaries, Chile, having the hole East coast bathed with Pacific Ocean; West limited with smashing Andean Mountains; to the North driest desert in the World; and South coldest arctic glaciers, we found the inspiration in every single element to give life to one of the most dynamic and faithful scenes of the world.

Legendary full moon celebrations – high up in the Andean Mountains, and intimate gatherings in Arica, Putre, became and the very first parties in early 90s; total solar eclipse of 1994 was the break point of the birth of Psy Trance in Chile, which has passed from underground, to turn into one of the most solid and recognized scenes of Latin America.

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Psy Trance scene in Chile, has brought nearly 12,000 visitors to conquer and enjoy the Chilean Electronic Trance, specially helped by ten years of the mythical festivity: Earthdance Chile, which accomplished to expand and settle this culture in our celebrations . Nowadays, posterior to encourage the growth and development of the Chilean scene, with other outdoor festivals like Andes Extreme, Tripantu, and Montemapu – being this last one the most transcending one in the last few years – Earthdance Chile, have decided to go back to the roots of psychedelic becoming a more thoughtful and familiar celebration.

In the last few years, we experienced something like a boom of musicians, producers and artist very well trained in the Electronic Psychedelic Trance music field, giving life to serious indoor and outdoor celebrations, so as in the capital Santiago, as in our blissful coast, imposing mountains, fantastic dessert and very green south of Chile

Earthdance Chile, Montemapu

Earthdance Chile is an organization and community born in 1998, when they gave life to the very first Earthdance festival in Chile helped by Dreamvibe collective. They promote the spirit of Earthdance International: Peace and Ecology, through Earthdance Conexion (connected in Septiember with all the Earthdance events of the planet), Earthfest – Earthdance Festival (the continuity of the festival since 1998) and Urbandance (urban gatherings of Earthdance Chile’s community during the year), and have had they joy of counting with many international artist through their celebrations.Montemapu written in Mapudungun, the native tongue of Chile, meaning “lets save the Earth”, is born with the sole purpose of raising awareness of the problem that exists at this time in the world.

We will never surrender!

They seek to deliver a cultural, artistic, musical production which will entertain the audience, but also, it will permit us to create awareness and provide information which will help form an understanding of the current critical state of the planet. It is celebrated every year in the first days of march, in some point of nature near Santiago area.These two festivals, that mix their values of peace and universal conscience with the arts and music roots of Psychedelic Trance music, encourage the movement and expansion of it, with indoor celebrations like: Pulsos celebrated sacredly every Thursday at some underground pint of the capital with different styles like Psychedelic Trance, Full on,

Progressive and Forest; Newmoon Trance celebrated strictly at every new moon in bigger night clubs in Santiago; Al Craneo parties, once at month during winter time with more Dark and High Tech styles.There is also new trends on the sphere, with collectives that are daring to mix styles like It’s About Music, which integrates in two or three scenarios Trance Music with other styles like Techno, House and Minimal.

Be with it – enjoy and save the world!

Also, we have a huge community called TRANCETOUR, that counts as the follower of the work done by Dreamvibe at its beginnings, and gathers several artists, like DJs, Lives, Decos, Domo Structures and Sound systems, and helps and produce many events in Chile and Latin America like Earthdance Chile (along with Earthdance Chile production), Pirate Party Tabolango, Microdelico, Night & Day Party A51 (together with The Last Generation Productions), private partyes and many many others that finds in this collective their start point of faithful help with technical and experienced aspects to give life to Pyschedelic Trance Celebrations.

Info about the author:
Begins to integrate into the global Psychedelic culture in Chile and 1995 with the mythic full moon celebrations held in the high Andes Mountains with his friend and fellow DJ Cl_Ear.

It is one of the most respected djs and producers of the Chilean scene always leading Psychedelic Trance tendencies and keeping alive the scene wherever he plays. His unique style, subtle and polished at the same time, keeps the high vibe of the dance floor at all times. His productions also makes an unique, elegant and energetic experience that meant to be remembered.

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