It’s not our task to wear a masc

It’s not our task to wear a masc

Mask requirement – Devilish attitude?

One might really tend to think that Lucifer had a hand in it. After we, as internet activists, have tried in recent years, one could say with a little success, to make the plastic problem public, the mask requirement imposed by the governments wipes all our efforts into the abyss. The plastic situation in the oceans, the deserts, on the beaches, in the lakes – wherever we look, is aggravated in a drastic way – by the mask requirement, by the inadequate disposal of the plastic squares.

Why are straws banned, but billions of tons of plastic waste are produced with the mask requirement?

You gonna be machine

Face masks have mutated into mandatory everyday life in many countries. They are compulsory, but they create a gigantic waste problem, both on land and in the oceans. The fight of the authorities against the virus, the infections, was carried out with unbelievable short-sightedness from the beginning, the wearing of the masks, forced by governments – the real reasons are, as always, pecuniary – is already having catastrophic consequences for the environment. Millions of face masks can be found everywhere on the beaches, in the oceans of the earth.

Plastic waste that takes centuries to be absorbed into the environment. Which dissolves into smaller and smaller plastic particles that migrate into the food chain and finally land on our table.

Why do governments forget the environment through the mask requirement?

As in the past, when we lined up to protest against the problem of plastic packaging, against the mass use of plastic, the greed for profit, the mentality of the people, stands in the way of this task. The capitalist system in which we find ourselves, meanwhile without restrictions, worldwide, is based on the principle of profit maximization. This means that what is initiated by the powerful, propagated by the media, always serves this one purpose.

Just like the stock traders who speculate on the crash of companies on the stock market, so to speak profit from the decline, so the plastics industry, full of greed, together with many other, smaller war profiteers, middlemen, rushes into the production and sales of Masks. Plastic face covering is “en vogue” is absolutely “in” – it is a state-decreed fashion wave.

Last tree
Only if the last tree …

How much plastic is additionally produced worldwide because of the mask requirement?

As everyone in the industry only enthusiastically confirms: The mask requirement is a gold mine, the production of masks is like printing money. In the hospitals alone, according to estimates by the Federal Ministry of Health, 150 million are only used in the operating theater. Now, if every German would only use one mask per week, this number adds up to another 332 million face masks in the population. If you extrapolate these numbers for the Federal Republic of Germany to the countries of the world, you have a rough idea of ​​the extent of the mountain of rubbish.

There is no real disposal concept for all this plastic waste. That is surprising – because if the virus were as dangerous as postulated – the masks should of course be treated with appropriate care.

Does the mask requirement make sense at all?

According to all the information, studies, studies and opinions of a broad front of scientists, the disposable mask used by millions of people, which can be disposed of without even thinking about recycling, is as good protection as a chain link fence against mosquitoes. The use of masks made of environmentally harmful materials to this extent, especially without being able to properly recycle this plastic waste, the long-lasting plastic particles not properly disposed of properly, will conjure up a storm of enormous proportions in the very near future.

Mask requirement – the respirator in my food?

Billions of plastic face masks, which are thrown away into the environment, nature, due to the mask requirement worldwide, are becoming a galloping consumption for the environment, for humans and animals. Planet earth is already infected – but not by the coronavirus, but by nanoplastic particles into which all plastic, including masks, is transformed. These tiny plastic particles find their way into the food chain via drinking water, fishing and other contaminants – and ultimately onto our table.

Don't be afraid
Don’t be afraid

Mask – PSY Manipulation

A review of the literature shows that the wearing of a mask has been hypothesised to bring about four main psychological effects: disinhibition, transformation, facilitation of the expression of aspects of the wearer’s Self, and various psycho-somatic changes. Several different explanations have been proposed as to why each of these effects come about. Using theoretical and empirical research, the thesis explores in detail the hypothesis that a mask can disinhibit its wearer, and that this disinhibition comes about because the mask-wearer feels less identifiable.

The findings show that a mask can significantly reduces its wearer’s feelings of identifiability, and that it can also significantly reduce its wearer’s public self-awareness as a consequence of changes in attentional focus. However, the empirical evidence suggests that the mask’s disinhibiting effect is limited to situations in which an individual wants to behave in a particular way, but inhibits that behaviour out of a concern with ‘mask-able’ facets of their public self. Concomitantly, the findings suggest that, if an individual wants to behave in a way for which they require ‘mask-able’ facets of the public self, then the wearing of a mask may be experienced as inhibiting.

This thesis also examines the hypothesis that a mask can transform its wearer, and that this occurs through the self-attribution process outlined by Kellerman and Laird (1982). The thesis provides strong empirical support for both these hypotheses, showing that the wearing of a mask can make individuals feel less like their usual self and more like the character represented in the mask. However, the empirical evidence suggests that this latter effect only occurs under conditions in which an individual is specifically focused on their masked appearance. A final chapter discusses the theoretical and applied implications of these findings, with specific reference to the use of masks in therapeutic practice.

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