Ground our Love

I’ve been travelling

all my live long

got a whole lot

of things done

Now i rest, do not longer run

I know

We gotta ground our Love

I’ve been learning every day

Forgivness is the only way

no sacrifices ar to pay

I know

We gotta ground our Love

I#ve been growing

in the flow


it’s trust, you gotta show

We gotta ground our Love

I#ve been floating

down the rive

found out, there’s no sin

nothing to shiver

You gotta ground your Love

What’s about Love and sexuality?

Almost every religion postulates ultimate chastity as the path of the saints, Buddhas, the enlightened.

That is not by accident. In a state that has the dissolution of the ego, its transformation towards the view of truth as the ultimate goal, the physical level is increasingly transcended. The pleasures and joys that sexuality offers the seeker are left behind, for the fulfillment that comes from the ultimate vision of things makes them unnecessary.

What about tantra?

Hinduism knows the way of tantra, a type of yoga. This possibility of self-discovery, of the way to the truth of creation, is only one of many thousands of roads to dissolution. The approach to find enlightenment through the body, to activate the blocked chakras here, is as old as religious philosophy.

However, it doesn’t matter which behavior led to the goal. One who has gone this far on the path will have absolute control over the body that he is using. Thus, if he deems it necessary and desirable, any kind of sexuality will not be a problem for him or her in terms of time or intensity.

Nousound It is your love, you have to share!

So should I live chaste in order to find enlightenment?

The idea of ​​sacrifice is clearly behind this idea. Sacrifice – that means giving away something that is dear to you, that is valuable to you. You give, almost in pain, you sacrifice – in order to increase yourself. What hurts man, the Son of God, is not in the spirit of creation. That is a very deep truth that manifests itself in trust.

The path to enlightenment does not require sacrifices!

What a creator who seems to make the way back to him for his children only with pain, with sacrifice, in a world of cruelty and destruction. That this cannot be the truth, the truth and certainty of a loving creation, is obvious. And so this world of horror illusions dissolves the closer the individual comes to his awakening. The truth, which has nothing to do with this cruel picture, becomes clear. love

Love and sexuality belong together

The body with all its possibilities, with its sensory system, the feelings, with the sensations that it gives us with its nerves, is an extremely wonderful gift of creation. A wonderful instrument on which to play the melody of love. Sexuality regularly means a feeling of happiness. Creation wants to see its children united, happy and in love.

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