Why does meditation have nothing to do with incense and candlelight?

Useful accessories for meditation?

Of course – these accessories, scented candles, incense cones, splendid carpets stand for serenity, oriental calm, relaxed flair, pleasant setting. But already in the moment in which we embark on the path into the concentration of the meditative exercise, they no longer play a role at all. We want to move our minds to a level that no longer clings to anything from this world. Not even the smell of sandalwood. But this text has nothing to do with the technique of meditation.

What is there to object to when meditating in a nice atmosphere?

Don’t be freaked out right away. The provision of a nice environment, the furnishing, the design of the room alone is a devotional exercise, let’s get it right. Of course, you – caught in this world of preambles – find it difficult to contain your anger (displeasure?). You are looking for 1000 reasons why the setting is so important, possibly even the ritual – perhaps thinking of the ceremonies in Buddhist monasteries or in western cathedrals.


And so, very simply, we have come to what is the crux of the matter. Simply ask yourself what is important to you in meditation. Answer honestly. Even if it hurts – neither time nor place is important – because it is precisely from this construct that we want to escape. No – nobody wants to take away your architecture, your scented candles, Buddha statues and malas.

Ground our Love
Ground our Love

Meditation – Is It All Just A Question Of Understanding?

Nobody here in this text, especially creation, wants you to sacrifice something. Just feel good! Everything that the individual undertakes is his way, is exactly the right thing. What should be pointed out is – in many religious communities, on many of the thousands of paths that are supposed to lead to truth, the rite, the ambience, (up to the magical) are placed in the foreground.

Where am I spiritually with my meditation?

Simply ask yourself to what extent the strain on the senses of the body, whose current level you want to make at least a little transparent through the meditation exercise, is compatible with this goal, which is ultimately striven for on the spiritual level. Do you even meditate on your ambience, your setting? How much time do you invest in the rituals after your meditation break? Surely you can answer this question in a positive way.


Are we ultimately talking about idols?

When we remember that the divine, pure love in us no longer has anything to do with physicality – to what extent is this spiritual everyday life for us? To what extent are the externals to which we are attached? What rules, invented by whom, do we allow ourselves to be guided? Do we even suffer from it? The love we seek is absolute. She doesn’t want victims. To sacrifice means to give away something that is dear to you. That hurts. Love doesn’t want its children to feel pain.

What should one understand by idols?

For some seekers, the ritual, the sequence of events, the setting, and the like, take up more and more space in a spiritual way of acting. Of course, you can show good taste when furnishing a room, a location – the price of the artefacts used is ultimately not of interest – but – where does worldliness end – where does the attachment begin? This is a more serious question than you might think.

Move on - new Album
Move on!

Meditation, candlelight and incense sticks?

Naturally! That gives a good body feeling. Everything is allowed. It is only desirable to focus on the essential. To understand that the source is the destination. That this origin, the source, is not identical with these objects, whatever they may be, whether they have magical attributes or not. Rather, it is on a level that has nothing to do with these images, which are given their meaning only by an illusion that they themselves are.


Certainly there is nothing to be said against a nice room in which one can do one’s prayer. Nothing against its equipment. There are no objections. What should be referred to, however, is the ritualization of faith as – merely exemplary – in the Catholic Church. Think of the splendid robes, the diamond-studded mithirs, the golden goblets. The argument, the connection, is not as far-fetched as it might seem, for the fact is that the ritual of the Western Christian faith feeds itself in the idol worship of its predecessor religions.


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