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An African American is put to death by cops in the USA – and an outraged outcry goes through society. Murderers, anyone who does physical harm to someone else, are mercilessly persecuted and imprisoned. Thousands of laws for the protection of the person, the protection of the members of society, are implemented and meticulously controlled by countless law enforcement officers with “all due rigor”.

In the universe

Beautiful is good

In their personal environment, people do everything to keep it tidy, they want to live in a beautiful apartment, surround themselves with beautiful people. If a human being becomes sick, society will do everything to make him healthy again. Even if it is only about maintaining one’s workforce. A large part of the national budget is invested in the health system. Your own body is the temple that is carefully cared for.https://www.youtube.com/embed/VIWWpcxyAWI?start=3&feature=oembed

Love for parents

The murder or rape, abuse, torture, of mother or father, close relatives, children, make us hit our faces in horror. There is even a separate legal regulation for this particular type of crime involving blood relatives. In the Bible, in many, most religions, love for mother and father is at the top.

Perfidious torture methods

The human species horrifiedly condemns cruel forms of death, such as slow asphyxiation, partial amputation of limbs, drilling in the bowels, poisoning with slow-acting toxins, exposure to great heat, the removal of large parts of the skin – and even more perfidious methods of torture. whose description would go beyond the scope. There should be no such thing in a modern society. Inhuman.https://www.youtube.com/embed/VZB2su8M32w?start=23&feature=oembed

We are the pedophiles

Now – dear friends – we are the executioners. We are the torturers. We are the pedophiles who abuse the child of the universe. Every minute, every second of a day. And our victim is planet earth. Our mother. We rape them, we suffocate them, we drill into their bowels and we poison them. We skin them and tug at their bowels. We take away her eyesight and tear out her hair one by one. We burn them and inflict the deepest wounds on their skin.https://www.youtube.com/embed/MFO1-kfA0qk?feature=oembed

In the last stage

Some scientists happened to look at a picture of the earth with humanoid influences and that of the topography of a metastasized cancer patient in the last stage – and found an almost appalling simultaneity. A person who only loses 15 percent of his skin surface is already beginning to float in mortal danger. We have been skinning the earth since the beginning of industrialization, rubbing the open breach with pesticides.

Contemplative calm

The planet is silent – Mother Earth is in contemplative calm. Because she is aware of herself. Eternal and created from the breath of creation. The human being, just a poisonous breath that their being not only accepts, but simply dissolves – because they are what they are. A living being created by God, created by universal creation. Natural defense mechanisms are given.https://www.youtube.com/embed/haQ-AaYTmvA?start=36&feature=oembed

Material Arts

And that’s exactly how it is. If you injure certain plants so that z. If, for example, the surface is broken, these plants use toxins to fight back. What do you think, does such a huge complex of creation as the earth have self-defense measures against an annoying bacterium available? And take a mental look at the Amazon jungle, remember the melting of the permafrost ice all over the world.

Call for help from the planet

Two visible mechanisms

These are just two scenarios, mechanisms that we are currently confronted with in all clarity. (should) So the one self-defense system is installed in the Amazon rainforest – a place that has always been full of wonderful life. With the destruction of the rainforest and with it the destruction of the habitats, the living space of this diverse nature, the weapons of the planet mutate with changed environmental influences. Viruses, bacteria like only humans have seen before. An extremely effective weapon against this parasite that the earth has caught.

Permafrost thaws

The second defense system prefers the cold areas. This phenomenon is less well known, but scientists have long been helplessly shouting at society. It’s about the permafrost that is thawing worldwide. And with them the arsenal of biological weapons with which the earth defends itself against humans. Viruses, bacteria, germs. Epidemics. Diseases. Frozen until now. But man-made climate change brings them to life.https://www.youtube.com/embed/ioDU7cvGcXk?start=28&feature=oembed

Martial art in perfection

Recall one thing. The grand master of martial arts has had more than 4.5 billion years to perfect her self-defense skills. With a twitch of her eyebrows, she wipes us into the next corner with broken bones – if there is one. And we don’t even begin to speak of the pure, clear consciousness of the earth, which is also given to each of us, but we trample it underfoot.


The life of people on the mother planet Earth could be a wonderful dream of love, understanding, acceptance, freedom, nature, harmony. That’s what this dream should be. But the human race lives a terrible nightmare in which they raped the child earth, a nightmare that ends in cruel, slow, self-inflicted death. A nightmare of frenzy, greed, annihilation, murder and destruction. Mother earth overlooks such rubbish, it doesn’t touch her, she is sublime. But her body defends itself.

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