We are all Holders of Light!
There is a creative balance in the world.
It is the principle of ying and yang. Where there is darkness, there is also light.

We are all Holders of Light!
When we only see darkness, it means the light must be all the greater.

We are all Holders of Light!
A single ray of light changes the dark.

We are all holders of light.
Let us focus our rays and light up the dark!

Om Shiva.

We are the Holders of Light!

In the beginning there was everything, nothing.

In the beginning there was everything, nothing. It was Apum, the consciousness of the spirit of great love, who slept in the eternal darkness. Then Apum began to dream. From these dreams the cosmic dust formed, which condensed more and more until there was a huge explosion. So an immeasurable fire was born, the central sun.
The world split up.
She transformed the world of dreams into the world of manifestation. The world was divided into light and darkness, energy and matter, female and male. But suddenly, a tiny part of the darkness degenerated out of envy and jealousy of the light. It claimed to be the center of creation and to take control of everything created. In order to bring everything back into its cosmic equilibrium, the great creative spirit Apum recognized the solution, – the creation of more light, whereby the degenerated darkness would change in a natural way.
Manifest light.
So the great spirit chose the first created beings, the grandparents, the light ancestors of the stars, to search for planets like ours, to create people who have the gift of manifesting light through the energy of love and thus the to nourish great source of light. Much time has passed and it seems that humanity has forgotten its true mission. And the chaos of the universe is also manifesting in our world, just as it is in our lives. We have reached a critical moment in the history of our evolution, so it is imperative that we find a balance, personally and globally.

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